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Who We Are

StemData is a complete cloud-based solution to simplify your Regenerative Medicine practice. Our full suite of products, including a CRM, Facility Scheduler, EHR, and full Revenue Cycle Manager are seamlessly integrated to tie your business' unique needs together. Streamline your practice today with StemData: The Regenerative Medicine Software Solution.


Unique Needs of Regenerative Medicine

Regen-Specific Data

Regenerative medicine's unique treatment documentation requirements can vary drastically from traditional medicine

Unique Sales Cycle

The unique sales cycle of regenerative medicine requires a software that understands the nuances of following a patient from lead through post-treatment follow-up

Primarily Self-Pay Payments

The self-pay centric nature of regenerative treatments requires simple interfaces to allow patients quickly and easily

State-of-the-Art Treatments

The cutting-edge advancements of regenerative medicine treatments require consistent patient outcome tracking to establish best treatment protocols

Unique Features of StemData

Capture Regenerative Treatment Specifics

StemData's treatment plan module allows you to easily and natively track all fields necessary for documenting your patients' treatments

Integrated CRM

Our Customer Relationship Management system allows you to follow a patient from their very first contact through their entire treatment lifecycle

Easily Take Patient Payments or Submit Insurance Claims

StemData's Revenue Cycle Management functionality allows you the flexibility to take patient payments up front or submit an insurance claim when needed

Patient Outcome Reporting

StemData's Patient Outcome Database compiles outcome data so that best treatment protocols can be established and shared

Practice Management

Unlock the potential of your practice


StemData's facility scheduler allows you to easily book your patients across all of your practice's facilities
- Easily manage each patient's historical and upcoming visits and treatments
- View open time slots by room and provider
- Add consultations, treatments, and follow-ups all with the click of a button


Our fully HIPAA-Compliant EHR brings your patient's entire history right to your fingertips
- Customizable: Add any chart, exam, or other template from your practice and recreate it within StemData
- Flexible: Easily determine internal documentation vs. patient-facing
- Secure: Rest easy knowing your data is encrypted with enterprise-grade security


StemData's Advanced Analytics gives you the power to view your entire data set to optimize your practice
- View patient treatments, outcomes, and revenue all within one simple module
- Our interactive reporting allows you to filter the data into the most vital subsets within seconds
- Quickly visualize and chart your historical data to view trends and efficacy at a glance

Customer Relationship Management

Connect With Your Patients


Allow your patients to complete all enrollment forms online prior to arrival and automatically populate within your system.


Patients can access their appointments, pay bills, view important charts, and answer follow-up questionnaires from any device.


Automatically email or text your patients regarding upcoming visits, pre-treatment instructions, or vital follow-up information.

Revenue Cycle Management

Simplify Your Revenue Cycle

Self Pay

Easily take patient payments online prior to their visit or with one click upon arrival.

Insurance Claims

StemData's complete clearinghouse functionality gives you access to all insurance payers for real-time claim submission.

Denial Management

Track denied claims, send pre-loaded appeal letters, and a host of other revenue cycle functionality designed to get you paid faster than ever before.

Patient Outcomes

Improve Care With Outcome Data


Patient Outcome Tracking

- Your use of the StemData system gives you full access to our growing regenerative healthcare patient outcome database
- View treatment-specific outcomes by diagnosis groups, joint/injection location, or one of our many other datapoints
- Improve decision-making within your practice by evaluating data from all of our partner clinics


- StemData requires a minimum set of information to be entered for every treatment, mitigating risk from potential audits and litigation
- Our standard operating procedures (currently pending FDA approval) ensure you keep in compliance with upcoming regulations
- Empower your practice with evidence-based treatment protocols


- Adhering to StemData's level of compliance boosts your practice's profile for both patients and government entities
- Partnership with StemData includes access to our marketing team for joint patient acquisition materials
- Work with us as we team up with industry leaders in the march towards FDA approval

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